Privacy Policy

This document is available in PDF format.

Important information

How we use your information

Our privacy policy explains how we collect, use, share and protect your personal information. If we update this policy, we’ll post any changes on our website.

Collecting your personal information

We can get your personal information when you:

•     Buy a product or service from us (including buying products online or over the phone)
•     Subscribe to newsletters, alerts or other services from us
•     Ask us for more information about a product or service, or contact us with a question or complaint
•     At your request, if you order a Service as defined in iQela T&C

We may also collect information about you from other organisations, if this is appropriate. These include fraud-prevention agencies, business directories and credit reference agencies. We may also collect information about you from other companies, our business, or joint venture partners.

Understanding what you want

We might also use cookies (small text files stored in your browser) and other techniques such as web beacons (small, clear picture files used to follow your movements on our website). These collect information that tells us how you use our websites, web-related products and services.

This, in turn, helps us make our website relevant to your interests and needs. We may use a persistent cookie (a cookie that stays linked to your browser) to record your details so we can recognise you if you visit our website again. See the next section for more details.

You can choose to refuse cookies, or set your browser to let you know each time a website tries to set a cookie. You can get more information about cookies including information on how to turn them off.

The personal information we collect

The information we collect about you includes (but isn’t limited to) the following:

•     Your name, address, phone number, date of birth and email address
•     Credit or debit card information, information about your bank account number and sort code or other banking information
•     Your preferences for particular products, services or lifestyle activities when you tell us what they are – or when we assume what they are, depending on how you use our products and services
•     Your contact with us – such as a note or recording of a call you make to one of our contact centres, an email or letter you send to us or other records of any contact you have with us
•     Your account information – such as dates of payment owed and received, information, the subscription services you use or any other information related to your account

We’ll also get information on how you use our products and services, such as:

•     The phone numbers that you call or send messages to (or the phone numbers that you receive these calls and messages from)
•     The date, time and length of the calls and messages you send or receive through our network, and your approximate location at the time these communications take place
•     The level of service you receive – for example, network faults and other network events which may affect our network services
•     Your website browsing information (which includes information about the websites you visit, and about how you use our website on your mobile or a PC)
•     The date, time and length of your internet browsing, and your approximate location at the time of browsing

Using your personal information

We may use and analyse your information to:

•     Carry out a credit check if you’re applying for a Services and to assess your application.
•     Process the goods and/or Services you’ve bought from us, and keep you updated with your order progress
•     Keep you informed generally about new products and services (unless you choose not to receive our marketing messages)
•     Provide the relevant service or product to you. This includes other services not included in your agreement with us, and services that use information about where you are when using your iQela mobile SIM and equipment (location information) and to contact you with messages about changes to the Service or product
•     Contact you with offers or promotions based on how you use our products and services. These include your calling and messaging activities, location information and browsing information (unless you choose not to receive these messages)
•     Bill you for using our products or services, or to take the appropriate amount of credit from you
•     Respond to any questions or concerns you may have about using our network, products or services
•     Protect our network and manage the volume of calls, texts and other use of our network. For example, we identify peak periods of use so we can try and ensure the network can handle the volume at those times
•     Understand how you use our network, products and services. That way, we can develop more interesting and relevant products and services, as well as personalising the products and services we offer you
•     Carry out research and statistical analysis including to monitor how customers use our network, products and services on an anonymous or personal basis
•     Prevent and detect fraud or other crimes, recover debts or trace those who owe us money
•     Provide aggregated reports to third parties (such reports do not contain any information which may identify you as an individual).

We’ll store your information for as long as we have to by law. If there’s no legal requirement, we’ll only store it for as long as we need it.

Sharing your personal information

We may share information about you with:

•     Partners or agents involved in delivering the products and services you’ve ordered or used
•     Companies who are engaged to perform services for, on behalf of iQela
•     Credit reference, fraud prevention or business scoring agencies, or other credit scoring agencies
•     Debt collection agencies or other debt recovery organisations
•     Law enforcement agencies, regulatory organisations, courts or other public authorities if we have to, or are authorised to by law
•     Emergency services (if you make an emergency call), including your approximate location

We’ll release information if it’s reasonable for the purpose of protecting us against fraud, defending our rights or property, or to protect the interests of our customers.

If we’re reorganised or sold to another organisation, we may transfer any personal information we hold about you to that organisation.

We may need to transfer your information to other group companies or service providers in countries outside the EEA (European Economic Area). This may happen if our servers or suppliers and service providers are based outside the EEA, or if you use our services and products while visiting countries outside this area.

Keeping your personal information secure

We constantly review and improve our measures to protect your personal information from unauthorised access, accidental loss, disclosure or destruction.

If we have a contract with another organisation to provide us with services or a service on our behalf to process your personal information, we’ll make sure they have appropriate security measures and only process your information in the way we’ve authorised them to. These organisations won’t be entitled to use your personal information for their own purposes. If necessary, we will check them to make sure they meet the security requirements we’ve set. Communications over the internet (such as emails) aren’t secure unless they’ve been encrypted. Your communications may go through a number of countries before being delivered – as this is the nature of the internet. We can’t accept responsibility for any unauthorised access or loss of personal information that’s beyond our control.

Your privacy rights

We manage your information in compliance with Data Protection Act 1998’s principles. You may request details of personal information which we hold about you, at small fee for back office expenditure. In order to create discrepancy be sure to update your information when accessing on iQela Mobile website.

In order to enforce any right or if you believe we’re holding inaccurate information about you, please contact our customer services team at the following address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..