One Number for your Business Customers

Mobile Office enables you to offer a single incoming number for businesses, as well as the ability to control where the call is delivered and how it is managed. There’s a switchboard application that offers complete visibility of incoming and outgoing calls and easy to use configuration which means users can quickly and easily change settings to manage their communications.

A complete auto-attendant solution with queuing is provided so that callers can select the right option to reach the right person or department, backed by the company and personal voice mail.

How does it work?

Our advanced platform is based on a proven solution already serving more than seven million users around the world, with calls originated and terminated on any network chosen by our service provider partners.

When someone calls your customer’s office or personal number, we receive the call and deliver it according to your their preferred options. When they make an outgoing call, we use the same settings to update their status and route the call quickly and efficiently to the right destination. It’s as simple as that.

What does it do?

Mobile Office has a rich set of features that are easy to use and simple to configure, allowing your customers to take control of their communications. Our features are optimised to boost productivity and help your business customers enhance productivity and efficiency. They ensure effective communication between colleagues, customers, and partners.

Single Number - Use a single number for the main office of your business customers, give each employee a unique number, or port an existing number to your network.

Opening Hours management - With the exclusive, branded web portal, your customers can set opening hours for their business and select how they want calls to be managed when the office is closed. Do they want everything routed to voicemail, or do they want calls from key contacts to be routed to a member of their team, whatever the time of day?

Team collaboration - Users can easily create a ‘hunt’ group so that they never miss a call. If a colleague is unavailable, our solution will route calls to another chosen member of the team.

Set availability and presence - Users can set their availability at any time, so colleagues can see their status and avoid disturbing them if they are unavailable – at lunch, in a meeting, on holiday and more. They can also create special lists, enabling key contacts to bypass status settings. Status can be set for defined or variable periods so that users can automatically receive calls when the time has elapsed.

Personal number management - Select the number that people see when placing outbound calls. It could be the main office number or a direct line.

Virtual Assistant - A complete auto attendant (IVR) solution is included in the ergo Mobile Office solution, allowing users to create their own announcements, and for callers to choose preferred routing option.

Virtual Switchboard - The powerful web switchboard allows companies to manage and monitor incoming and outgoing calls. Rich statistics are available to help them plan resources and time more efficiently.

Conferencing - Set up conference calls quickly and easily, and hold virtual meetings with colleagues, customers, and partners.

VoIP calling - Data or WiFi connection can be used to make a VoIP call from a mobile device. VoIP phones can also be connected if desired.

Number portability - Port your existing fixed and mobile numbers over to our solution, or activate new DIDs provided by your carrier or from your own number ranges.

Full user control, in a simple application

Our application can be branded to suit your needs and is packed with features. It provides a handy interface from which users can configure your settings. It delivers full mobile flexibility, allowing them to control status and see the availability of others.