Transform your business

One Number for your Business

iQela Mobile Office gives you a single incoming number for your business and the ability to control where the call is delivered and how it is managed. There’s a switchboard application that offers complete visibility of incoming and outgoing calls and easy to use configuration which means you can change settings to manage your communications.

There’s a complete auto-attendant solution with queuing, so that callers can select the right option, backed with company and personal voice mail.

Powerful Unified Communications

Mobile Office is a complete, easy-to-use Unified Communications solution for your business, enabled by simply inserting an iQela SIM card into connected devices.

Any Network

Mobile Office does not require a data connection. It works on iQela’s mobile network, ensuring coverage wherever you are – GSM, EDGE, GPRS, 3G, 4G or WiFi. Mobile Office ensures that your employees stay connected.

How does it work?

Our advanced platform is based on a proven solution already serving more than five million users around the world, with calls hosted on our own network. When someone calls your office or personal number, we receive the call and deliver it according to your preferred options. When you make an outgoing call, we use your preferred settings to update your status and route the call quickly and efficiently to the right person. It’s as simple as that.

What does it do?

Mobile Office has a rich set of features that are easy to use and simple to configure, allowing you to take control of your communications. Our features are optimised to boost productivity and help your business run smoothly. They ensure effective communication between colleagues, customers and partners.

Single Number

Use a single number for the main office, give each employee a unique number, or port an existing number to our network. The choice is yours with our customisable settings.

Opening Hours Management

Use the iQela web portal to set opening hours for your business and select how you want calls to be managed when the office is closed. Do you want everything routed to voicemail, or do you want calls from key contacts to be routed to a member of your team, whatever the time of day? Again, the choice is yours.

Team collaboration

Create a ‘hunt’ group so that you never miss a call. If a colleague is unavailable, our solution will route calls to another chosen member of the team.

Set your availability and presence

Set your availability at any time, so colleagues can see your status and not disturb you if you’re unavailable. You can also create special lists, enabling key contacts to bypass status settings. When you are available again, reset your status, and you’re once more ready to receive calls.

Personal number management

Select the number that people see when you call them. It could be the main office number or your direct line. It’s up to you.

Virtual Assistant

A complete auto attendant (IVR) solution is included in the iQela Mobile Office solution, allowing you to set your own announcements, and callers to choose their preferred routing option.

Virtual Switchboard

Use our web switchboard to manage and monitor incoming and outgoing calls. Rich statistics are available to help you plan your resources and time more efficiently.


Set up conference calls quickly and easily, and hold virtual meetings with colleagues, customers and partners, wherever you are.

VoIP calling

Patchy mobile coverage? Simply use a WiFi connection to make a VoIP call. When you only have mobile coverage, your phone makes and receives calls as usual. Use WiFi to avoid roaming charges when travelling abroad.

Single bill

Simple and easy, with no hidden charges. Quickly review your communications spend, and set control costs for your team. Predict and control your costs efficiently.

Number Portability

Port your existing fixed and mobile numbers over to iQela. Then throw away your landline and save money! Set your team free by switching to a fully mobile solution.

How do I sign up?

Simply sign up online and we’ll send you a SIM card, provide instructions on how to configure your settings, and point you to our applications. That’s it!

Do I need a SIM card?

Well, at least one of you does. But, if some of your team are locked into a contract, you can still add them to the user group, so that they can still be reached from the main number which you set up on Mobile Office. They won’t be able to do everything but they can still enjoy many of the benefits. If they download the iQela app, they will gain presence functionality, the ability to make VoIP calls, and much more. However, we cannot manage calls that are made directly to or from their mobile, as they will be on a different network until they join iQela.

Get the iQela application and discover even more benefits!

Our application is packed with features and provides a handy interface from which you can configure your settings. It delivers full mobile flexibility, allowing you to set your status, see your colleagues’ availability and more.

As an optional extra, it can also allow you to make and receive VoIP calls, where data or WiFi coverage is available, giving added flexibility.