Transform your business

Call recording for all your needs

In some sectors, businesses are legally obliged to record all conversations with customers. In others, call recording is useful for other applications, such as training. Whatever your needs, iQela mobile call recording provides a simple, automated solution tailored to your requirements.

No hardware or software required

iQela mobile call recording is a cloud-based solution, meaning that there is no need to install additional hardware or software. Call recording is activated automatically for both incoming and outgoing calls.

Subscription based, easy to activate

iQela mobile call recording is available as a subscription service, with simple monthly costs. All you need is an iQela SIM card for each user of the service.

Unlimited storage

Our solution comes with unlimited storage capacity. We will store your data securely for up to three years, with an option to extend to five. That's more than enough to comply with legislative requirements.

Flexible 'whitelists'

Administrators can create global whitelists for calls that do not need to be recorded. In addition, individual users can create personal whitelists. The administrator also has access to all call logs for review and performance checking.

Encrypted and secure

Your data is important. That’s why we apply a two-stage encryption process according to ETSI TR 102 661 to your data. Our storage facility is located in two geographical sites, one of which is a mirrored disaster recovery centre. So you can rest assured that your data is safe with us.

Fully compliant with relevant legislation

The iQela call recording service supports the European Personal Data Act Directive 95/46/EC and UK Data Protection Act 1998. The service is also maintained as part of an ISO27001 certified information system.

Evolving with legislation

We pay constant attention to evolving legislation and update our solution accordingly. As requirements change, we’ll enhance our solution to make sure that we stay ahead of best practice and the latest guidance.

What do I need?

iQela mobile call recording is activated with an iQela SIM card. Users simply choose the recording service option, and it is then applied to all calls except those excluded in a personal or organisational whitelist. The service is billed on a monthly subscription basis. One SIM card is required per user.

Do I need a special application or hardware?

No application is required. Recording takes place in the cloud and is an automated process. You don’t need any hardware either, so there’s nothing to install and no overhead.

Who has access to the recordings?

We can configure different levels of access for different people, allowing you to take full control of your data and ensure its protection. Your designated administrator controls the settings through the iQela portal. If necessary, temporary access rights can be granted.

How do I inform people that calls will be recorded?

This isn’t always necessary, but if required, you can create an announcement that’s played to the caller whenever a call is connected.