Five common mobility challenges for SMEs, and how iQela helps to overcome them

SMEs have a unique set of challenges, compared to larger enterprises with greater resources, when it comes to going mobile. In today’s business environment availability, agility and flexibility are essential to remain competitive and, ultimately, in business. Furthermore, employees increasingly demand remote working practices, and will seek out different employers that do offer that option, over and above higher wages. This article outlines 5 of the most common challenges faced by SMEs looking to go mobile, and how iQela overcomes them.

1.    Infrastructure spending

For most SMEs, IT failure is not an option. Over-spending on a project that either fails or only partially succeeds in achieving its goals can in some case mean the difference between survival and going out of business. In addition, many do not have the human resources or expertise to undergo IT transformation projects, or to call in an army of consultants if things go wrong.

iQela Mobile Office is a globally-proven, cloud-hosted unified communications platform that gives companies of all sizes, from individuals to enterprises, access to advanced mobile communications capabilities without any risk. iQela is based on a network that has millions of satisfied users around the world. There is no upfront cost involved, and no need for any hardware or software.

2.    Upfront vs. operational costs

When deploying on-premise infrastructure and equipment, many SMEs budget for the upfront costs, but fail to accurately assess the on-going operational and maintenance costs involved, which leads to on-going financial strain on the bottom line.

iQela requires no upfront capital expenditure on equipment or infrastructure. More importantly, on-going costs are vastly lowered. Each user pays a fixed monthly subscription to use the service, providing transparency into the monthly communications budget, with no hidden surprises. In addition, maintenance and technology evolution/upgrade costs are taken care of by iQela, meaning that organisations have access to the latest capabilities at no extra cost to them.

3.    Security and compliance

Meeting mobile security and compliance challenges are big issues for SMEs. Many studies have found that the majority of small businesses file bankruptcy within two years of a major data breach. Lacking the expertise and resources to meet security and compliance requirements is a real headache of SMEs, particularly with stricter regulations, such as MiFID II and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), due to be implemented within the next 12 months.

iQela Call Recording – which offers secure, unlimited storage of mobile and affordable subscription models – provides secure, encrypted and mirrored data storage for up to 5 years, ensuring that data is safe and secure without any additional expertise or resources required from our customers. Furthermore, our service meets all existing compliance requirements, and is constantly evolving to meet new obligations and regulations, meaning that we take care of it for our customers.

4.    Lack of IT resources or expertise

Many SMEs do not have dedicated IT teams or resources, or lack the expertise to match that of larger enterprises. It means that many spend more time than necessary ‘fire-fighting’ IT issues or learning new IT skills on an ad hoc basis.

iQela Mobile Office requires no IT expertise. Simply insert the iQela SIM card into employee devices, appoint an administrator to register users via our intuitive web or mobile app interface, and off you go. It couldn’t be simpler!

5.    Employees not devices

When going mobile, a lot of organisations focus on the mobile device, or mobile platform, rather than on the employee. Employees are mobile, not the device. It means that organisations can often start off on the wrong foot, with the wrong focus when going mobile.

iQela Mobile Office can be inserted into a host of mobile devices and is platform-agnostic. It means that employees can choose their own, favoured, devices, which they are comfortable using, ensuring greater participation in mobility projects, and saving time on the need to re-learn how to use new devices. Again, simply insert a SIM card and off you go!

For further information about how iQela can help you simply and easily – and cost effectively – transform your organisation into a mobile, agile business, please visit us at:

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