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First, have you checked the user manuals? There are guides for individual users, as well as for company administrators.

They have lots of helpful information and show you how to configure your settings correctly.

We’ll be adding more to our guides, to keep them up to date and to try to give as much information to you as possible. In the event that you need more help, our team is ready to offer their support.

You can download user guides for each of our services below.

We always try to improve our resources, so if you have comments or questions, please let us know.

There’s also an FAQ section, which can be found here.



Do you have an issue with coverage? Check the coverage map.


Data Connectivity

Do you have problems with data connectivity? Check your APN settings and make sure you:

  1. Enter them manually. APN should be set to internet.uk
  2. Data roaming needs to be switched on (this is because we are an MVNO on a host network and, in effect, are roaming with respect to the host. You may wish to turn this off when travelling abroad.
    • You shouldn’t need to do this for an iOS device – but, if things still aren’t working, try it, as earlier versions of iOS software may require you to do so.
  3. In addition, two other settings should be added for Android devices:
    • MCC = 234
    • MNC = 53
  4. If this doesn’t solve the problem, please contact support
Contacting the Support Team


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We aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours, but this is not always possible. We thank you for your patience.