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  • What is mobile office?

    iQela Mobile Office is an innovative solution that combines all the functionality of a conventional PBX system with modern features such as status and a handy smartphone application, combining to form a fully featured business communications system ideally suited to the needs of any size business.

    Is there really no contract?

    Yes, there really is no contract for the Mobile Office product!

    Do I need a Wi-Fi connection?

    It helps but is not necessary as we default to your mobile network. It’s a SIM-based service, so you can use GSM, EDGE, GPRS, 3G or, soon, 4G. Even if you’re on a voice only network, you will still have calls routed to you as normal as our call routing system is in the cloud.

    What is hunting?

    Hunting is the process of distributing phone calls from a single number, to a number of other lines.

    What is a hunt group/ answer group?

    A hunt group (or answer group) is a group of employees/colleagues to whom you can route calls. This is a great way to segment multiple teams in your company, for instance you may wish to create an answer group for each department of your company. Each answer group can have a set of options, covering situations in which all are busy, the office is closed and so on.

    How do I set one up?

    Setting up a hunt group/answer group with iQela is as easy as 1,2,3!

    1. Login and navigate to the answer group tab of the web admin interface.
    2. Press the add button, select an employee from the dropdown menu containing all enrolled employees.
    3. Drag and drop to reorder. Check the other settings to be sure you are happy with the arrangement. Once you're happy with your settings, press save!

    Note: the overflow option is particularly useful, as it allows you to configure actions when everyone is busy or when the office is closed. For example, you can route calls to another group or to voicemail.

    What is a queue?

    A queue is a line of callers who are waiting to get through to an answer group. Each user will see a list of any people waiting in any answer group they are a member of, and each entry will contain the path that the caller followed, so if a caller was routed from a colleague to another department, you’ll see!

    How can I create my own voice messages for the virtual assistant?

    Hunting is the process of distributing phone calls from a single number, to a number of other lines.

    What is hunting?

    There are 2 ways of accomplishing this task

    1. In your accounts admin section, there is a tab called messages, once you navigate here you will see that a phone number is displayed prominently alongside some instructions, all you need to do is ring that number and follow the instructions.
    2. Alternately you can record your message ahead of time (we recommend you record it in a quiet place to avoid background noise) Save it as an .mp3/.wav file, press upload then find and select your message. Your message will appear in just a few minutes depending on your internet speed.

    When you want to use the message, you will find it in the dropdown list associated with that feature. For example, in the settings options for an answer group, you will see the option to play messages to callers. There are default messages provided but any new ones you add will also be shown in the list.

    What is the virtual assistant/ auto-attendant?

    A virtual assistant is like a robot receptionist: if you’ve ever phoned your bank chances are you’ve used one! Once a caller connects to your number, they will be read a pre-recorded message and will then have to key in a number on their dial pad. Using this method, they can navigate through a full menu system, you can even point one assistant to another, creating complex, multi-layered systems. There’s no limit to how many layers you can have, the only limit is your imagination.

    How can I change my opening hours?

    Changing your opening hours is as easy as going to the advanced tab, selecting the main number you wish to edit, choosing opening hours, then clicking on each day, changing the times, if you wish to add in a companywide break for lunch, press the + symbol to add a new time period. You have full flexibility in which hours you wish to set, you could even leave it blank and leave it down to each employee to set his/her personal availability.

    Does it require any special equipment?

    All you need is an iQela SIM card.

    Can I keep my old number?

    Absolutely! Once you're ready to port it over, get in touch and we'll help guide you through the process.

    Can I port over my landline number?

    You can indeed, once the number is ported over you won’t need your old landline, so you can keep the number everyone knows, but enjoy the enhanced portability that iQela offers.

    How does the call routing work?

    Our system takes into account your company’s opening hours, a person’s login/call status, which day it is and more, then automatically calculates to which person a call should be sent, once configured simply sit back and wait for the phone to ring!

    How many numbers can I have?

    As many as you would like!

    What if my status is set to busy but an important contact calls me?

    You can configure a personal or companywide whitelist of numbers that can ignore busy statuses. So if you want to ensure that important client or significant other can always reach you, simply add them to your personal whitelist.

    What if I want to block a number?

    We also have a blacklist! Any numbers added here will be routed straight to voicemail, never hear from that pesky nuisance caller again.

    Does every team member need an iQela SIM?

    If you would like to enjoy the full functionality of iQela Business Mobile, then yes. But don’t worry, if some of your team are locked into old contracts they can still be a part of your answer groups and enjoy many of the iQela benefits.

  • What is mobile call recording?

    Mobile Call Recording is an automated recording system that intercepts all incoming and outgoing calls and texts and creates backups in our cloud based system.

    How do I record a call?

    Once you’ve setup the system you don’t need to do a thing! Our solution is completely automated, taking place in the network. No hassle, No effort, No fuss.

    Is my data secure?

    We apply a two-stage encryption process to your data in accordance with ETSI TR 102 661. We also storage your data in 2 separate geographical sites, one of which is a disaster recovery centre, so you can rest assured that your data is in safe hands.

    Does it meet all relevant legislation?

    iQela call recording supports the European Personal Data Act Directive 95/46/EC and UK Data Protection Act 1998. We also maintain the service as part of an ISO27001 certified information system.

    We are committed to staying ahead of the curve, by keeping our ears to the ground we ensure that our solution is not only up to date with legislation, but changes are made ahead of time!

    How can I set up black and white lists?

    First you need to login (if you are authorised), then navigate to the whitelist tab and press “add entry” then fill out the name and number fields and click save, it’s as simple as that!

    How can I playback recordings?

    Navigate to the search tab of the interface and then use the search parameters to find your messages, once you’ve completed your search the results will appear at the bottom, find the message you want and click “Read/Play” (depending on the item type), the message will then open.

    How can I delete recordings?

    You can only delete data older than the companies specified storage period, this helps ensure that you’re compliant with any relevant legislation. To do so navigate to the tools tab and select delete old data.

    Are there limits to the number of calls that can be recorded?

    There is no limit, we scale your storage as you need it but additional fees apply if you want to store for more than three years.

    Where are my recordings stored?

    Your data is stored using our secure cloud storage mechanism. Physically it is kept in 2 separate geographic locations, one of which is a disaster recovery centre! This provides the highest level of care and ensures that whatever happens, your data is safe.

    How long do you keep them for?

    We store your data for up to 3 years, with an optional extension to 5 years, this is more than enough for all current legislation.

    How can I search for conversations?

    Once you’ve logged in, navigate to the search tab, by using the search parameters you can find the specific conversation you’re looking for.

    Does every user need a SIM card?

    Yes, our service requires the use of our SIM card.

    Do I need storage space on my phone?

    No, all storage is provided as part of your plan, in the cloud!

    Do I need to download an app?

    There is no need for an app, all that is required is an iQela SIM card.

    Can I grant others access to my recordings?

    Absolutely! In order to be compliant with EU legislation you must be able to grant temporary access to external users for review, to this end we have ensured there are multiple levels of access that may be configured.

    Do I have to tell everyone who calls that the call is being recorded?

    It isn’t always necessary, but we can create an announcement that is automatically played to the caller before the call is connected, ensuring callers are aware and you don’t have to repeat yourself.

  • How do I control call forwarding?

    Call forwarding is done on many levels, but requires no active intervention, once configured our system will handle it automatically.

    • The main level is your personal default setting, to change this go to the User section (use the menu bar top right to navigate) on the web app, then locate the more card near the bottom of the page, select forwarding and choose your preferred setting. You can also change the forwarding outside of work hours from this card, that means you can have 2 separate forwarding options depending on the time.
    • On the Mobile app you can change the same setting by clicking on the area of the status tab that states your current forwarding configuration, an alternate way to navigate to this page is by going to the more tab and select forwarding.

    The rest of the call forwarding options relate to answer groups/ hunt groups and will be configured by the company administrator(s)

    How do I set my availability?

    First you’ll want to open up the web app or the mobile app.

    • From the mobile app the first screen you’ll be shown is the status screen, this displays you current forwarding options and the available statuses, simply press the status you wish to activate!
    • Once you’ve logged in to the web app, navigate to the User section by using the menu bar in the top right, once you’re there you will see a few cards, using the Status card, click on the status you wish to activate.

    How can I add another team member?

    Each organisation has at least one company administrator, contact them to get a new team member added.

  • Who is iQela?

    iQela is a brand new mobile operator aimed at small businesses and start-ups, but can scale to meet the needs of any organisation. We provide unified communications from our cloud based architecture, creating a mobile first PBX system with a wealth of innovative features.

    What is an iQela team member?

    An iQela team member is someone who is a part of your iQela contract whose phone utilises an iQela SIM

    What is an iQela associate?

    An iQela associate is someone who has been input into the system but does not utilise an iQela SIM, they can be a member of an answer group and have calls routed to them according to our sophisticated engine, but cannot access all iQela features.

    How can an associate become a team member?

    All you need to do is to register that person with iQela and get them using one of our SIM cards. Contact customer service or add them to your team online.

    Will this work with my phone?

    Yes! iQela Business Mobile will work with any phone, even older models, but to access the full functionality you will require both an iQela SIM card and the mobile app. The app provides easy access to features from a compatible handset (smartphone).

    How do I know if I have a normal or nano SIM?

    One method of checking is to do a search for your specific model of phone, your manufacturer should specify the size, if not we recommend using GSMarena to search for your phone, the SIM size is listed near the top of the specification sheet. Alternately if you already have a SIM you can measure it, standard sizes are as follows:

    • Full-size (85.6mm × 53.98mm × 0.76 mm)
    • Mini-SIM (25mm x 15mm x 0.76mm)
    • Micro-SIM (15mm x 12mm x 0.76mm)
    • Nano-SIM (12.3mm × 8.8mm × 0.67mm)

    Do I really get a single bill?

    We strive for transparency and ease of use, so yes we collate your organisations usage into a single monthly bill.

    How do you make sure that all bills are synchronised?

    iQela Business Mobile was created with a built-in billing system that automatically does this for you

    How do I know if my phone is unlocked?

    The easiest and most reliable method is to simply ask a friend/co-worker who is on a different network if you can borrow their SIM for a few minutes, just switch them over and make a call, if it works then you’re good to go!

    On an iPhone you have a different route, though this method is not 100% effective so we recommend using the first method.

    1. Open Settings.
    2. Tap Mobile (if the device is set to American English it will say "Cellular" instead).
    3. Check for an option named Mobile Data Network (or Cellular Data Network).
    4. If you see an option for Mobile Data Network, then your iPhone is most likely unlocked. This option should not appear on locked iPhones.

    Note: Make sure you check that you can make calls using your existing SIM before switching to test!

    How can I unlock it?

    There are several methods to unlock your phone, we recommend doing a bit of research to check which method is best for you.

    • The first is to contact your carrier and request they do this remotely, most modern phones support this.
    • The second and most common method, is to obtain a NUC (network unlock code) Once you have one, you enter it into your phone and then you’re done!
    • The third method is to use a clip and cable, while those with more technical savvy can do this themselves, it’s more common (and easier!) to send your phone off to an unlocking service, they will get your phone ready and send it back to you.

    Note: Using a code is not always possible, if your network can’t quote you a price, then it probably means that it is not unlockable by code, the best option here is to then using method 3.

    How do I port my number?

    If you want to port your number to iQela, there’s a simple process. First, you need to contact your current provider, usually via their customer services team. Just ask for a PAC code, which they are obliged to provide, either immediately via phone or else within two hours via SMS.

    When you have your PAC, give it to your administrator who will add it to the details in the admin portal. We’ll take it from there. The process should take no more than one working day. During this time, we’ll activate your new SIM and register your new number in the system. There may be a short period during which you cannot be contacted on either your old SIM or your new one, but we’ll work hard to minimise this. Don’t worry!

    However, to avoid any unnecessary delays, it’s best not to attempt the porting after 1800, or on a Friday, as the response times are based on normal office hours and working days.